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A Poet that counts

Personligt Posted on Sat, October 08, 2011 14:36:47

Tomas Tranströmer is a Swedish poet that counts. Two days ago he got the Nobel Prize in literature. He is a poet for everyday life and a poet for the wise and melancolic mind that is holding out…waiting and waiting…in the shadows…

An Apple in my closet!

Näringsliv Posted on Thu, October 06, 2011 18:10:45

I still have an uggly and fat little Apple/Mac from 1990 in my closet. Today I´m glad I saved it. It is history. It was my first personal computer and started a twenty year journey into computers, E-life and a global space in which change is the defining factor.

Thank you Steve Jobs!

A Tribute to Steve Jobs

Näringsliv Posted on Thu, October 06, 2011 15:31:49

Steve Jobs was a brilliant man with a good taste. He was an individualist and full of energy. He was a unique human being-a person that has changed our lives. Remember Steve Jobs!

The Father of the Mobile Phone will be memorized.

Näringsliv Posted on Wed, October 05, 2011 20:47:20

Osten Makitalo was truly one of the biggest names in the development of mobile telephony. When NMT was developed in the early 1980s. Mäkitalo was one of the great pioneers and founding fathers of the system. At the radio laboratory at Televerket Makitalo directed the tests that led to the development of the first mobile system. He also played this role when GSM technology was introduced later. Osten Makitalo is a legend. He helped lay the foundation for a technology that would change the world. It is imposible to put a value on his contributions to the developement of mobile telephony. Osten Makitalo dies this summer 72 years old. He worked at Telia 44 years.